The Property Hunter Profession

A professional on behalf of the Purchaser


The profession of Property Hunter has existed for more than 20 years and has amply proved itself.

As an intermediary in a Real Estate transaction, he acts on the behalf of the purchaser  and deals with the search for properties,  the visits, the selection of those properties which correspond  to the client’s requirements   and assists  with the price negotiation.

His role is therefore to accompany the  client throughout the process, from the property search to the signing of the deal. This is different from a real estate agent who acts on behalf of the vendor.

HOME BY C is member of the FCI

The FCI ( is the National Federation of Property Hunters. It is aimed at professionals as well as individuals. To the latter, it guarantees the adhesion to  moral and ethical standards and provides a label of quality.

The Property Hunters are subject to the HOGUET law which imposes on them a strict legal framework. They hold a professional card issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.